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False Feel

Latest production photos showing our unique 'sandwich' quilting.

Constructed as a single piece rather than multiple layers of Quikting Foam along with Fibre Fill stitched loosely with the Pillowtop Foam.

All Sleepnow mattresses have the fibre fill 'sandwiched between the Quilting Foam layers.

Most plush mattresses use excessive fibre fill directly under the fabric to enhance Showroom Feel.

Excessive fibre fill enhances the Showroom Feel creating the "sleeping on a cloud feeling'.

But the feeling quickly disipates as the fibre fill compresses.

Excessive Fibe Fill in mattresses increases the liklihood of excessive or increased indentation.

They will feel harsher at home - or Home Feel.

They will feel like a different mattress.


Our mattresses give a more realistic Home Feel with the 'sandwich' quilting construction.

We do not use excessive Fibre Fill to enhance Showroom Feel.

A good tip to expose Excessive Fill is to use the Hand Press.

Just place your open hand softly on the Mattress Quilting.

Now slowly increase the pressure.

If there is little initial resistance it means the mattress has Excessive Fibre Fill.

The more you press without resistance the more Fibre Fill.

If you feel immediate resistance then the mattress most likely will have limited Fibre Fill.

Why use Fibre Fill at all.

The reason is without any Fibre Fill the mattress will feel too harsh for most people.

This was highlighted when we removed all Fibre Fill to see the result.

We had the Fibre Fill mattress alongside the Fibreless Fill mattress.

100% of people chose the Fibre Fill mattress.

A little Fibre Fill is necessary to create an acceptable feel.

The final outcome after testing numerous samples was to use Sandwiched Fiber Fill Quilting.

And a considerable reduction in the amount of Fibre Fill.

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