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Dirty Little Secrets

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

A LACK OF TRANSPARENCY IN BIG BRAND MATTRESS RETAIL . . . hundreds of near identical mattresses being sold under different names and prices to ensure shoppers cannot comparison shop for mattresses . . SOURCE: CHOICE 31 MARCH 2017

Mattress Industry Dirty Little Secrets
Mattress Industry Dirty Little Secrets
. . unfair sales tactics are being used to make customers pay thousands of dollars more than they need. . . . The mattress industry – secretive, controlled and organised . . . is not unlike a cartel. SOURCE: CHOICE 31 MARCH 2017

The Big Brands sell essentially identical mattresses with different names to different stores deliberately denying any possibility of price comparison. Denying consumers the opportunity to compare prices allows retailers to price gouge clueless customers. One major brand actually had over 130 different mattress names across the different retail chains. Every mattress was unique in name and look to deliberately foil comparisons with the same brand mattress at any other store.

Each retail chain would have exclusivity for their mattress ranges and price as they pleased.

Welcome to the mattress industry . . . where they know exactly how much a good night's sleep should cost. SOURCE: SMH 18 JUNE 2016

The sad reality is you've simply got to trust what the sales person is saying - or not saying

Sleepnow have one simple policy . . . to provide absolute transparency.

Show exactly what's inside every mattress and exactly what you are paying for.

Full disclosure to allow every customer to make an educated choice..

No discounts. No gimmicks. Just the real price.

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