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The Showroom Conspiracy

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

All mattresses have a different Feel in the Showroom than at Home

Showroom Feel is the feel of a mattress in the showroom - the display mattress

Home Feel is simply the actual feel of the mattress at home - the feel during sleep

Home Feel is time on the mattress, the more time the harsher the feel.

It is pressure on the body over time - like laying on a floor overnight.

Home Feel is nothing like Showroom Feel.

It is a common complaint that dominates mattress dissatisfaction

Your new mattress feels nothing like the Showroom Mattress - it is a different mattress

The Showroom Conspiracy was born.

The theory is the showroom mattress is made to higher standard to enhance comfort, to deceive.

The reality is there is no conspiracy - the mattresses are the same

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